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Because you’re not a “customer” for us and don’t see us as a “store”. For us you’re a person just like me (that content maker you wanna marry) and the rest of the staff.

When you’re visiting our sex shop, you are looking for a maximum of pleasure and we are on your side. We understand that most of the products are unfamiliar for you so we describe everything in a way that is simple, fun to read and gets you to understand what the item is about. We also have video instructions for every product that may not be totally self-explanatory, so you can actually see the product interacted with before you buy one.

You don’t get lied to in our store – Before you put Titan gel on your dick, you put it on your hand. If that thing was real, than your hand would grow in size as well. There’s nothing that will help you immediately continue having sex after one ejaculation without loosing the erection. If the woman is sexually passive or just doesn’t want you, there are no magic pills that will make her starve for a dick. Sorry for the hard truth, BUT you can cure yourself if you cum too fast on the first round, Penis pumps really work for increasing the size, Kegel balls really have a good effect on vaginal muscles and the roleplay in sex is more important than you think.

Overall, While creating a value and fun experience for you, we want to tackle the sex education and taboo problems for the sake of physical and mental health of this society. So, Are you with us?

Then this video will interest you: —-> How do I buy? (mobile version)

Some Technical details of our sex shop:

If you place your order from 00:00 till 13:00, The carrier contacts you from 13:00 to 14:00 and you guys agree on the exact time and place of the delivery. If you order after 13:00, Expect the call from the carrier at about anytime during the day – We’ll get you squared away as soon as we can. If you order after 15:00, there already is a chance that you won’t receive your order the same day – it all really depends on where you need it delivered and how busy the day is. If you order after 17:00, you’re totally getting your product the next day. If you’re outside Tbilisi – we’ll ship your product the same day or the next day (again depending on at what time you order), you’ll receive the tracking code and then it’s between you and the post office.

If you have special remarks about your order (for example you need your order delivered no later than 11AM because you’re in rush for the airport or something) please write them in the comment section of the order while making it AND/OR leave a message to live support.

The products are yours after you pay for it. If you place order and indicate that you’re gonna pay in cash, your order is going to be canceled if you don’t get it in the next 2 days. If you pay with card, though – it’s already paid! We’ll get the pack for ya and reserve it till the next year if you want, it’ll just be sitting here until you want it delivered.

If the products are in stock, that means you’re getting them the same or the next day.

If the products are out of stock, well, sorry, that may take a while…

Based in Tbilisi - Shipping to whole Georgia!


We use beautiful, blue or brown anonymous packing. Gift packing is also available!



Kiku has own carriers who make sure you have a track of your order and have your shit delivered ASAP.



We have our own stock and exclusive partnerships with some of our suppliers, so get exclusive shit here!

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If admins aren’t sleeping or screwing around somewhere, they’ll get to you in a matter of seconds. If you’re not being answered, leave your email or anything for us to get in touch with you