Carriers do not know what products are in the package. In case you’re paying cash, The carriers know how much should they get and how many products are in the package, as their bonus also depends on the number of items they carry.

Warehouse guys know what are in the package but they’ve got no idea TF you are. Carriers see you but they got no idea what the fuck is in the package, so no worries if you care about that.

After all, nobody’s gonna use your number or anything to spam you or start fucking sexting or something, because nobody from us even gives a shit!

Just marking this down because some of you weirdos think that if you get something from a sex shop, some retards with huge boners appearing from nowhere are gonna start chasing you and dick you down.

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Based in Tbilisi - Shipping to whole Georgia!


We use beautiful, blue or brown anonymous packing. Gift packing is also available!



Kiku has own carriers who make sure that your shit is delivered ASAP.



We have our own stock and exclusive partnerships with some of our suppliers, so get exclusive shit here!

chat 24/7

If admins aren’t sleeping or screwing around somewhere, they’ll get to you in a matter of seconds. If you’re not being answered, leave your email or anything for us to get in touch with you