We regularily monitor the market in terms of +18 stuff.
If something is going on, there’s no way that it is not on our radar. That’s how we noticed
Myday, whenever they first added quite nice +18 accessories in their
catalog. Back then we imagined myday as a potential competitor,
Little did we imagine that Myday would be our first partner in line of accessories
back then!

Whatever accessories you see on our web page, you can physically see almost all of those before you buy them
at the store of Myday. Along with all those accessories, at Myday you’ll see
a lot of other interesting stuff that you can’t see elsewere. Long story short,
You’ve got everything you need in one sphere to convert any kind of day into any kind of
Holiday! This was our impression as we first visited the store.

If you’ve never been to their store, than you’re missing out. Click here to see their web page and if you just wanna get up and visit their store right now, than here’s the address:
37L Chavchavadze Avenue, Homemart trade center, 2nd floor, straight in front of you as you go up
the escavator.