1.6 Simple Engine


Most of our vibrating products include this engine, such as vibrating ass plug and etc. Nothing is unbreakable, even you. So no wonder that the vibrator will beat its limit and break.
Therefore, if you bought our product and after a lot of use its engine failed or started eating oil, or maybe – emitting smoke and won’t pass the PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection) check next year, you don’t need to get a whole new car. Just replace the engine, it is way cheaper ❤
This engine is in the category of bullet vibrators. So, if you’re looking for something quite minimalistic just to put in the panties and feel some pleasure – you can choose this one as well.

❤ Works on X3 LR44 Batteries that are included and when the batteries die – get the ones of Kodak, they’re much better than the factory ones.
❤ 6cm in length, 1.8 in width
❤ has 1 style vibration


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Still, Just an ordinary 1.6 simple engine no turbines and nothing.