10 Meter Rope


The rope that is included in BDSM packages is 5 meter long.

You probably think 5 meters is quite long.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? It’s a top series for me and I like Negan a lot. I crafted an ideal, special 87cm long bait and put a barbwire around it, I wanted to make an exact replica. It just sucked in 3 meters of barbwire without even being really noticeable.

5 meters isn’t much more either. If you really wanna enjoy the rope, here’s a really long, cool rope. Use it as a tow if you want, or tie Prometheus to mountains of the Caucasus, or tie yourself or whoever you’re fucking – the length is gonna give you the ability to.


10 meter rope is fine, cool, enough sized rope. Totally worth it.

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