6.3 ///AMG engine


This is super strong, super cool high class engine!

Surely 1.6 and 2.0 engines are no match for this babe. It has a very strong vibration – You won’t hold it in your hand for very long, no way. It has a vibration as strong as Clitorator and can massage every part of your body very well. Most importantly – it has a shape of the engine. So, throw it in your ass plug, Climaxator, Lord of Rings, Vibrating ass plug or any other thing that works on this kind of vibrator. If you want your product to really set off and invade new heights, This is the engine it needs.

If you have just this engine without putting it into anything, it’s still quite useful as a vibrator. About the details:

❤︎ 10 styles of vibration One of the pictures show the styles

❤︎ USB charging. This engine does not need the battery

❤︎ Put it in a mastrubator if you want. For example take a dick leech, put this in one side, start fucking the other and count that your Dick Leech is better than the Nymphomaniac that we have.

❤︎ The Best engine. The stronger engines will already be reactive.

იყიდე და დაიჩიჯიბე 390 ორგაზმი.


6.3 ///AMG engine – enjoy just the engine if you want, or put it in any other of our products!

Packaging: OPP bag