Anal Installation


A small story 🙈

There’s a cartoon of Mr. Pickles. Really a good one. In one of the series of one of the seasons of this cartoon, there is an ex-super hero that terrorizes the town to steal the iron, take iron to the scrap yard to sell it and get money to buy drugs from a dealer at the end of the street, then to hide under the bridge and shove the drugs up his ass.
Then his face crumples and he gets the full joy of it 🙈

If you want that crumpling, that’s what you should get in your ass 🙈

❤︎ 3cm is the maximum diameter and it’ll go inside you for about 11cm.

❤︎ It also has 12 styles of vibration and USB charging.

Material: Medical Silicone; ABS

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If you want your face to get crumpled up, You should get this anal installation. And also, don’t forget to watch Mr. Pickles.