Anal Lubricant


Do you wanna experience anal sex and you’re afraid? Don’t sweat, put this lubricant on your ass and relax, it’ll be cool.
If anal sex is a no go for you, this lubricant makes it a go <3

  • Ultra-sliding lubricant
  • Sliding, non-sticky and non-drying formula
  • Beautiful and handy design
  • 3 Years of shelf life
  • 200ML
  • Non-allergic, ISO9001 certified

About comparing and choosing options: don’t waste your time, we have already researched the market for you and be assured, this quantity and quality, for this price?… Nah man, don’t sweat.

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This is an anal lubricant of super brand, local market exclusive in Kiku, for super price! Simply the best option you can get.