Anal Relaxator For Her


Why does your ass need relax?

Maybe you wanna do anal? Anal sex is often painful and takers get so dissatisfied that after the first try – they never wanna do it again. If you want anal sex to be pleasant, you need a special Anal Relaxator, which you’ll spray on your anus 3-4 times 3-5 minutes before the intercourse and you’re good to go! Make sure to also youse anal lubricant before taking it though <3

It’s 60ml. On each sex you’re gonna spend about 0.2ml. Shortly – gonna be enough up to 300 intercourses. So maybe you buy this once in life and just gift it to your grandchildren before you die.

Imagine – having a family traditional anal relaxator.

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This is our special Anal Relaxator For Her! Enjoy your anal sex ❤︎