Anal Relaxator for Him


Many of you couples like to get Strapons and swap the roles. Nothing’s bad in it – do whatever you want in your home! Fuck each other so badly that may it become indistinguishable if who’s dick is in who.

One thing though – you don’t just stick your dick in the ass, do you? It’s painful. For this reason there is a special relaxation spray that you should spray on your anus 3-4 times 3-5 minutes before the intercourse. Spread it well and even if you get fucked by a thick, long thing, You’re ready to filter pleasure from pain <3 It’s just that you really need anal lubricant before the thrust as well – don’t fuck with dry ass!

It’s 60ml. On each use, you use about 0.2ml. Gonna be enough up to 300 intercourses. Have fun!

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Anal relaxator for him is one of the 3 main products that you need for flawless anal sex! Another 2 is Strap on and Lubricant 🙂