And we finally have it! This is the first application controlled vibrator that you can see in our catalog. here’s how it works:

It connects to your phone via bluetooth. Connection – better, than any remote controlled vibrator! The difference between this and the remote controlled vibrators is that you don’t have to drag the remote controller as an extra subject with you.

After the application and the vibrator are connected, you can choose the different modes of vibrations with different principles. Overall – you can have countless styles and/or speeds of vibration!

The egg is of amazing quality. It is waterproof and you can feel quality in its every detail. You can stick it in and use it as a vaginal ball. Or you can just put it in your panties and enjoy with your clitoris. It has USB charging.

To download the application, use the QR code that is in one of the pictures, or follow this link:

The capabilities of this vibrator will really make you enjoy.

Dead ass, legit, really enjoy.


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Get the vibrator that you control through application – the APP egg and enjoy the high tech capabilities!

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