Ass Plug


A lot of you folks are always looking for stuff to shove up in your asses and whatever options we come up with are never enough for you. So here you have another thing that you can shove up in your butthole.

This Ass Plug has multiple styles of vibration. It works on a single AAA size battery that is included. So you shave it up in your ass and then it’s up to you to start the vibrator or not. Point is that you’ll have another quality and compact product that you can put in your butthole at any time.

About the sizes: check out the pictures. Maximum diameter is 3.5cm and the maximum length of going in inside the ass is 10cm. Once you fully stick it in, you still have 5cm outside your ass, so the procduct is 10+5cm total in size. We keep the math up to you.

Material: Medical Silicone

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Ass Plug is not so big, optimal size budget vibrating plug. Plug it in, hit the vibration and have fun!