Ball-less Penis


…And how many times have you had a wish to jump up and down on a thick, long penis with full pleasure? Like fully riding it, jumping up and down multiple times each second… But, those damn balls!

Don’t you worry about the balls anymore! Sit on it, get toren by it, have your pussy swallow this completely!

Sizes are indicated on one of the pictures as well. Thickness is 3.6cm and the part that goes in is 16cm. You can also install it on the strap-on belt and fuck whoever you want in whatever way you want.



Ball-Less penis is a penis without balls. Makes sense, right? The balls of the dildo are a pleasure-killing factor for a full dive-in experience as they’re not allowing you to fully feel that dick in, they’re kind of holding your pussy from fully swallowing it.

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შეარჩიეთ ფერი

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