Battering Ram on Belt


You know what a Battering Ram is, right? If not, than Google it because you obviously missed out on the whole charm of middle ages.

Battering Ram had lots of designs and was used to breach the gates of the castles. It still lives in many movies and games (Kingdom Come – Deliverance, Chivalry – Medieval Warfare, Stronghold, etc.)

Do you think you don’t have to breach the gates? That’s only because you don’t look at pussy and ass as the gates while they are really, and the more effective you are at breaching them – the more satisfied you will make the owners.

So here’s a super high quality Battering Ram on super high quality belt, effectiveness of which is also increased by:

❤︎ Has 10 styles of remote controlled vibration. while you’re breaching it by moving back and forth, it vibrates as well

❤︎ It’s waterproof. don’t put the remote controller into the water though.

Uses 3 little batteries (included, won’t make you go to shop for that)

Shortly, get it and take any castle with maximum effectiveness!

Also, it’s flesh white. There’s weird pink color painted on box for some reason. It is actually what you see in the other pictures.


Battering Ram on Belt is a recreation of battering ram concept in sex!

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