Bedroom Commands


If you think that you and your partner are missing something in bed, first of all that is a game.

Most of the couples have the problem of being on different sexual frequencies, at least a little bit. Having all your sexual wishes come true in bed is vital for your mental health though. This is exactly what these cards are created for.

The package has 108 cards – 54 for the lady and 54 for the man. Each card tells you some sort of action. You take the cards one by one and do what those cards tell you.

For example – if you are a female and you feel that your partner is not spending enough time for prelude, this stack includes a card that allows you to make him do whatever you want and for however long you want in terms of prelude!

Likewise, if you’re a man and you feel that your partner is too quiet during sex, you have a card that makes her describe exactly what and how is she feeling while you are having sex!

This is just a single card example from a huge stack. You’ve got 53-53 more!

We assure you – it will take you many nights to go through the game and so it will take you many nights for you and your partner to feel that you mastered each other. Once you finally finish the game, your sexual life with your partner will be so colorful and your sexual energies will be so aligned that you will probably never feel the lack of fun in bed anymore.

Shortly speaking, this game is created to align the sexual energies of you and your partner and it has a full potential to do so. BTW. The cards are in English!

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Bedroom Commands is created to level you and your partner on the same sexual frequency so that you can perfectly understand each other in bed.