Bikini should be like this!
There’s no bikini, undressing which is more pleasant during the prelude of sex than undressing this one. First undressing you from your neck and chest, then moving down making you completely naked… Not having to separately undress your bra and underwear, undressing you in one long passion full move instead…
Braingasm starts from that very moment of prelude and continues during your whole sex. Wear it under your normal dress and when you undress your normal clothes before getting to bed, your partner seeing you with this on you will already say a lot about how night is gonna continue <3

იყიდე და დაიჩიჯიბე 290 ორგაზმი.

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Bad thing about this uniform though is that if you wanna take a piss with this on you, you’re fucked. Make sure to take a piss before getting dressed in this Bikini.