A real, master of its job, Blower.
You’re looking at your best choice right now. How many times have you fucked yourself, tried for days to seduce a girl to do you a blowjob?
And you know what the shittiest part is? – That seducing is like a lottery. You keep trying and if you finally convince one to do you a blowjob, it will either be good OR IT’LL SUCK. They may fucking bite the head of your dick, move their teeth around on them like a bunch of fucking knives. They may make you suffer and give you enough psychological trauma that your dick doesn’t go hard even in the morning.
Forget about it!

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The only thing that woman has and this does not is terrifying, hurtful teeth!
Whatever’s good – this blower can do too, and you’re in control!
– This is the Blower of kiku. Professional of its business. Amateur job is not our business!