Boobie massage is a full on trip for a lot of ladies. Sucking the nipples while having sex makes most women feel orgasm sooner and stronger. We have a lot of vibrators for a vagina. We gotta have one for boobies as well!

This is the boobiebrator – a vibrator that stimulates both of your nipples while mastrubating or having sex. Be a maximalist in your pleasure. That clitoris will deliver a better orgasm when the stimulation is coming all the way down from the nipples, through the entire body!

Using is sipmle: Stick the USB head in the power source, could be a charger of your phone. Then put the silicones on your boobies, putthe vibrators in the pockets that silicones have, put the bra on for better fixation if you want and turn those vibrators on! The controller is on the wires. It has 2 buttons – one for turning it on/off and one for changing the vibration speeds/styles. Has many styles of vibration.

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Boobiebrator is a special vibrator made by the brand of XXOO for boobies. It is made for you to feel maximum stimulation and therefor – ideal orgasm!