This is what many of you have been asking before – the candles pack!

The pack includes 3 candles of different colors that emit sexy smell while burning. it burns on a low temperature so you can dip and spill the liquid on every part of the body!

Shortly – enjoy sex on the light of the candles with ideal smells, and if you like it – spill the drops of the candles to you or your partner, as many as you want and at whatever the body part you want…!

These candles are 3.5cm both in diameter and length. These are not narrow candles so they don’t burn too fast. They’re specifically to create a suitable environment for sex!

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These candles are specially made to create a sexy environment and to use during sex! If you enjoy the calmness coming out of the candles, the sexy smell generated while burning + dropping a candle to the body, this thing is for you!