Ever heard of the specific type of Knife called Carambit? A round thing with the design allowing you to spin it on your finger. That’s what this vibrator is – round-ish and spinable on your finger.

If you want the vibrator for pussy exploration only, without additional touches on your clitoris, it might be difficult for you to find something of this style. almost everything is either realistic or has extra head for clitoris and etc.

So here it is – perfect Carambit that is created specially for pussy! Data:

❤︎ 10 styles of vibration

❤︎ USB charging

❤︎ Thickness 3სმ, Length – 20.5

იყიდე და დაიჩიჯიბე 690 ორგაზმი.


Carambit – ever heard of this style of knife before? Now imagine the transformation of that knife for a pussy. That’s what this vibrator is.

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