Do you think that your dick is cool enough not to need the assistant? – You’re fucking wrong.
Some females never experience vaginal orgasm and they need something additional that’ll fuck their clitoris.
At this point Climaxator is the best option. With its original design, Climaxator lets you to be fucking the clitoris of your chick in multiple poses, touching her on wide area on and around the clitoris. This is legit the TOP product that you’re gonna have as an assistant in sex.

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So what’s so special with our Climaxator, asides the design:
• 2 Rings, thicker one helping you to delay the orgasm
• 10 functions of vibration, works on easily changeable batteries
• Waterproof
• Beautiful!
One of the pictures shows you how you should be wearing it. Gonna make your chick feel that orgasm!