Clitorator Pack N1


You enjoy the vibrators of Clitoris, right? Like the ones that we have – normal, premium, power plug and so on. These heads that you see here are installed on the top of the clitoris vibrators and you stick them into your pussy. The vibration out of the heads of clitoris vibrators vibrate these heads just like the vibrator its self vibrates. So imagine that this is an upgrade for the toy of your clitoris. Different designs allow you to enjoy differently. Some do stretch your pussy from inside, some are for G spot, some – just for extra joy on clitoris… You use each of these designs in their own ways. Browse the pictures to see the shapes and sizes. How you use them – only limited by your own imagination!

There are 6 heads in total and they’re transparent.



Clitorator Pack N1 – Really a N1 choice for your extra pleasure! Put it on the head of your clitorator and get the party going!

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