Condom Beadle


To wear a title of Beadle, something special must be on your shoulders. This title doesn’t just come from nowhere.
this condom has very symmetric shape of its sticks + the outer parts at its bottom that may be pleasure full for female, giving this condom a title of Beadle.
Main data are unchanged:
1. Thick silicone layer
2. Multiple use
3. You’re gonna feel if it tears apart
4. Can be used in water
Choosing between this and the rest 3 designs is depended on you and your partner.

If you’re buying stuff with overall value of 25GEL and higher, add this in your basket as well, write “discount” in the section of coupons during the checkout and get this for just 5 GEL instead of 10!

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Our Condom Beadle, just like our other condoms, has something special about it. Well it certainly is cool for the price.