Condom The Great


A title of “great” is worn by a lot of people in history. There are some Greats in every monarchy.
Maybe a title was just a title sometimes, but at least everyone had something that would make them different from the others.
A difference in case of this condom is that it has its own tickler for clitoris.
• Thick silicone layer
• Multiple use
• If it tears apart, you’re totally feeling it if you’re not a complete idiot
• can be used in water
Just pick your design for the condom, nothing REALLY special from other same-priced condoms that we have.

If you’re buying stuff with overall value of 25GEL and higher, add this in your basket as well, write “discount” in the section of coupons during the checkout and get this for just 5 GEL instead of 10!

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How great is our condom the great? – You pick, you try it and tell us!