Did you know that the 2nd wave of COVID19 left the brides without their dresses? They were all crying and shit. Here’s how it happened: A Ban on public gatherings and festivals was introduced without any prior warning, overnight! So imagine, you’re having your marriage ceremonies and everything tomorrow, then you wake up only to discover that you can’t, you’re restricted from it.

So yeah. You’re unluckiest if all the money is already paid and everything is set up, and you’re just miserable if you haven’t planned yet and you can’t even plan no more. So, we’re offering you a chance of recovery. Who cares if the visitors don’t see your dress, you don’t fuck with the visitors, do you? Your is THE Man. And what do you think, what is he gonna like more? Whatever bullshit you were going to wear or this one?

Worry about nothing. There’s no fucking way you’re staying without a wedding dress. Better dress, cheaper price, actual joy right here!

Whenever the COVID hysteria finally becomes a thing of the past, we’ll still keep this in catalog. You know… Just for memory.

Dress is Size Free, which means that it fits the skinny S, M and L sizes.

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We have our own way of minimizing the destructive psychological effect of the 2nd wave of COVID19 hysteria on brides!