How many things did you already imagine?

Latino, Taco, Mexico, south American fire! Or Texas, guns, wild west!

Funny thing – The last decade of 20th century and the start of 2000th was a real fucked up period here in Georgia. not everyone even had a TV, but there was a quite wide-spread TV series called “Hidden Passion” that everyone used to watch! Neighbors would gather up in front of the TV and watching that series was like a day highlight, especially for grandmas! No wonder this uniform will remind of that series to lots of Georgians. Maybe you know that show too! I fucking hated that show though, I was a kid back then and they wouldn’t let me watch my shit because of that show. Androids, computer, or a TV playback were of course unimaginable back in that time.

Shortly – get this uniform and integrate south American charm in your life! ❤︎

Package includes everything that you see in the picture except the high hills ❤︎

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Get our Cowgirl and ed yourself up in the south of America!