Some of you have weird fetishes, right? There are vibrators, dildos, but you wanna stick up bananas, cucumbers and shit. Most of our products are made with medical silicone, but some of you weirdos want something harder, made of glass, with visual effect and shit. So after discussing your weird fetishes for a while, there you go, here’s a glass cucumba for ya.
❤ Useful even just as a decoration
❤ Quality glass. Ever seen people sticking up glass products up their ass while these glass products do not withstand the pressure and break? – that’s not gonna be the case here, it’s a full glass, no empty room inside.
❤ Useful for your ass, G spot and Clitoris.
Consider that the real cucumba may break inside you. This one won’t. so if you ever wanted to stick cucumba up yo ass but was afraid because it could break, there it is now.

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Stick our Cucumba up your ass – Glass is cooler than real!