Did you know that Diana is a latin name and means “Divine”? For Romans, Diana was a godess protecting wild animals. That’s our Diana for you – she’ll protect, pacify and own the wild animals existing in your brains through your wildest fantasies!

When you look at Diana, you see the body of a woman. This gives you a psychological effect to orgasm better since it’s not just a vagina in the silicone. Other than that, this is not light like most mastrubators – it is 1.8 Kilos, which is heavy enough for you just to put her on the bed and fuck her + she’s still light enough to be easily taken with you if you’re travelling.

Diana has both vaginal and anal holes. Boobies are ideally round and very sweet! Exact sizes are shown on one of the pictures.


Diana is about 3 times heavier than small mastrubators, allowing you to just put it down and do whatever you want without having to hold it with hands!

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