Dick Armor


Dick armor is multiple use condom with thick silicone. thickness of the silicone is 4MM, which almost doubles on the head of the penis.
briefly, what this can do:
❤︎ In the middle ages (and in antic period, too) you know there were Battering Rams used to breach the gates of fortresses. That’s what your dick turns into for the hole that you’re sticking in.
❤︎ Don’t worry, just sex won’t tear this apart.
❤︎ If you have phimosis, this product is for you. maybe you have and you don’t know: if the skin on the head of your dick is hardly moving, than it’ll be hurtful during sex as well. Put this condom on and forget about pain.
❤︎ You can stick into stinky, smelly vaginas. Your dick is safe in this armor.

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Dick Armor. Because Dicks deserve to be armored too!