Dick Buggish Armor


Dick buggish armor is our multiple use condom, which can:
❤︎ Turn your dick into transformer. you put it on your dick and consider you have decepticon instead of the dick.
❤︎ Don’t worry, just sex won’t tear this apart.
❤︎ If you have phimosis, this product is for you. maybe you have and you don’t know: if the skin on the head of your dick is hardly moving, than it’ll be hurtful during sex as well. Put this condom on and forget about pain.
❤︎ You can stick into stinky, smelly vaginas. Your dick is safe in this armor.

Difference from normal armor is that this one has longer sticks and special balls put inside the silicone layer, that add additional damage to the G spot or prostate of your victim, or whatever you’re aiming at.

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Dick Buggish Armor is really a hell of a lot better than normal armor.