Dick Dumb Bells


Dumb Bells and exercises exist for all the muscles. You know that if you go to a fitness club. Dick is a muscle too, you know that right? But in which fitness club do you see the dumb bells for your dick? It’s a 21st century and a guy still can’t exercise his dick… Don’t worry, we’re taking care of that.

Here are the dick dumb bells. 60, 80, 100 and 120 grams, with their hanger to the dick. You hang it around the head of your dick and you can do different dick exercises:

  1. Dick push-ups
  2. Left-Right swing
  3. Back-forth swing
  4. 360 degree swing

You can take 60 day course. The first 15 days – 5 minutes a day, 60 gram dumb bell. then 10 minutes a day till the 31st day, 10 minutes a day with 80 gram dumb bell. Then 15 minutes a day till the 46th day with a 100 gram dumb bell and then 20 minutes a day with 120 gram dumb bell till the end of he course.

Everything written here is written on the pictures as well. And these are not the only ways of the exercise, you can get creative. In addition, you can google search different exercises.

What to expect:

  1. Increase of the hardness of the dick.
  2. More control on our dick in normal conditions and during sex.
  3. Possible increase in size.
  4. Change of visual. They’re gonna see your dick is exercised (dick is a muscle after all!)

So if you’re a work out guy, why don’t you work out with your dick? If your every muscle is hard but the dick is like a guy with a beer belly, that doesn’t fit, does it? Remember that your dick is a muslce too and don’t discriminate!

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Dick Dumb Bells – Dick heroes. We’re giving you an opportunity to work out with your dick as you work out with any other muscles!