Dick Electric Shock


Whatever you won’t see…

My dance class teacher was an asshole. That pisspot enjoyed beating and torturing the kids. Once he made me dance really hardcore solo (where I have to fall on the knees multiple times) without knee covers, so my knees turned into trash. I needed to go see a doctor and do physical-therapy for a long while.

This is the physical-therapy tool, just for a dick. Useful:

❤︎ If you have a fetish and you’re looking for original feelings on your dick

❤︎ If you don’t feel quite strong with your dick and you want some electric therapy to patch up

Could help to boost your erection and last longer before you cum. This effect is individual though.

How to use: Make sure your dick is erected, at least thickened. Put this on your dick as it’s shown in the picture. The wires are wide on purpose. you should cut it, adjusting it to the thickness of your dick. So, cut the extra part of the wire and make sure it suits you (should not necessarily feel tough on you. it should be sitting on you well though). Insert the wires to the tool, turn it on and that’s it! Start with minimal levels. If your dick is wet, the jolt will feel bigger of course.

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this Dick electric shock is quite useful during the interrogations – apply this to his dick, turn it to maximum and that’s it!