Dick For Chicks


This is a dick that the chick puts on (or rather say – in) and becomes a dick owner herself. The middle part that looks like a butt plug goes into the vagina. The bottom part goes to anus and that’s it, you have a boner mounted right on you straight out of your vagina and you’re ready to penetrate your victim up to the deepness of 15.5CM (6.10 inches)!

That’s all cool but you also wanna take some of that pleasure, right? that’s why we have a bullet vibrator (2.0 Engine) mounted right underneath your vagina. Turning it on ensures you get the vibration that you’ll enjoy!

Having a strapon on you is a weird feeling. First off you have a belt on you like an underwear so you don’t feel that you’re totally naked. Also some belts wear off from time to time or are simply not good enough for your body to be totally flexible during the penetration. This dick allows you to fuck your girl or a boy without having any belt on you and a dick sticking stright out of your vagina!

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Dick For Chicks is a creation that a chick sticks in just like we have described and when she looks down, she sees her own boner.