Dick House


Used to play Catch back in the childhood? You remember “I’m home” rule if you used to play with it? While using this badass, your dick is at home. The benefits of being home are the following:
❤︎ Don’t worry, just sex won’t tear this apart.
❤︎ If you have phimosis, this product is for you. Maybe you have but you don’t know it: Phimosis is a disease when your skin barely wears of the head of your dick and it fucking hurts you. Put this on and forget about it.
❤︎ You can stick it in to any vaginas, no matter how smelly or dirty they might be. Your dick is safe at home.
Differently from other modes, this one does not have monster-ish design modifications. Not all of us like hardcore style, some of us prefer something simpler, right?
Enjoy your sex ❤︎

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Your Dick needs a separate, it’s own house. way better than homeless dicks!