Dick IFV


IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is much different from a tank, much ligher, mobile and cheaper thing.

Dick IFV is the same. We have a Dick Tank that is big, thick and more durable but heavier and less flexible to the shape of the dick. And then we have this – Not as good quality, smaller and cheaper version which is also lighter (weights about 70 grams only) and it is easier adapted to the shape of your dick.

At the same time it has a Penis Sleeve function. When you put it on you, you squeeze your balls through the bottom 2.5cm diameter hole and it kinda chokes your balls, that helps you to fuck for longer than you normally would and when you’re done – feel orgasm stronger than you normally would.

It is great if you have phimosis or you’re sticking it into somewhere that’s too dirty, even for your dick.

Shortly – if you’ve never tried a penis sleeve before and you wanna know what’s it about, this is a good realistic budget thing to try.

Our warranty does not extend on this product. If you tear it while putting your dick in or whatever – that’s your problem because it won’t tear unless you stretch it too much.


DIck IFV is a light version of Dick Tank that is a good product if you wanna get familliar with the products of this style.

Additional information

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