Dick Leech


This is a mouth with sole function to suck your dick whenever you want it <3
It will swallow your dick anytime when you want it, on whatever depth you want it and won’t even have problem on cuming inside.
<3 The tongue moves and is realistic
<3 Teeth are made of strong material, but still pleasant and not sharp like real
<3 Mouth is small and will really be tight on you
<3 Won’t water your balls with saliva
<3 And as a bonus, Vagina on another side <3<3 <3

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Shortly – stick the dick leech into the mouth and fuck the vagina at the same time, cum inside and enjoy ❤︎❤︎❤︎

Doesn’t matter how salty, smelly, dirty your dick is and how your balls suck, it’ll never turn you down!
– A sole function of our Dick Leech is to be your dick Leech, doesn’t matter how disgusting your dick is! ❤︎