Dick Pressure Controller


Small dick, big dick – does not matter. If you wanna enjoy a bigger dick during sex (or during jerking off, OR when you compare your dick to your friends and you want a guarantee of winning), this shit is for you.

How to use:
1. Assemble it. Has 3 parts only, easier than legos.
2. You see the black thing at the bottom of the picture? That’s a silicone bottom. I suggest getting that bottom wet with a lubricant or saliva or something and stick your dick in.
3. Works like a pressure measurer. Press the button to release the air and watch your dick grow.
4. If you feel pain or anything, do not keep pushing your dock to the limits. Before you eject your dick, make sure you’re not releasing the pressure from the vacuum.

You can also watch the centimetres as it grows, it has cantimeter indication on the tube.

And also: if you’re a female, you can remove the silicone bottom and use this on your vagina, boobs, mouth or wherever. Created for males, but females can have fun too.

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This Dick Pressure Controller will make your shit bigger. Don’t worry about putting your dick in trousers after using this – as your erection passes, it will return to its normal size, until you use the tube again.