Dick Tank


This is a Dick Tank. So here’s why it’s a tank:

Check out the sizes on the picture. After putting this on your dick, or more like… Putting your dick inside this, your dick is gonna get 21cm in size and 5 in thickness (that’s most important!!!) You pretty much use it as a multiple use condom and a dick ring at the same time – you see the 4.5 cm hole? that’s where you stick your dick to get it inside the tank. The other 2.5cm hole is where you squeeze your balls through. During sex, this hole really tightens your balls that helps you to cum later than you normally would and when you cum – cum stronger than you normally would.

Question – dafuq am I gonna feel in this?

Answer – fuck yeah you’re gonna feel in this. Your partners reaction only will give you one Braingasm if not orgasm at least, if this won’t be too much for your chick of course.

It is ideal if you have phimosis, if you hate your partner or she just has this super fetish of big and thick.

Shortly – get the Dick Tank and feel what’s it like to have a Dick in a Tank!

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Dick Tank is a disk sleeve that protects you from becoming a father in about 9 months, also from kaning your dick dirty in case you’re sticking it into a shithole, it is ideal if you have phimosis and a lot else!