This is Dickboboner. A dick, and a boner at the same time, well, cool thing, shorlty to say.

Our product which is alike to this is Dickbrator which is 5cm in width and 22 in length. That size stretches your pussy walls to its maximum and you feel simple vibrations very hard. But what if that length is not enough for you while width is too big? So here’s a Dickboboner: 4.5cm instead of 5 and 25 instead of 22.
Shortly – apply the lubricant to it, stick it slowly inside you… carry on, carry on, stick it in as deep as you can and start the vibration. Put your head up and enjoy the pleasure ❤ The more you get closer to orgasm, the harder you should start it ❤ you can use it in the house full of people as well. It has a quiet vibration, so nobody will hear anything ❤

❤ It has 1 style of vibration with the adjustable level
❤ quiet vibration, good enough to become a secret of your bed…
❤ works on batteries that are included, won’t make you go to the shop for it ❤

Perfect design just to keep it stuck in after your orgasm and sleep like that ❤ that’s a fetish that you won’t fulfill with real men…

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Dickboboner – Your choice if you like the Loooong ones!

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