A dick, and a vibrator.
Really unique product – one of the picture shows you the sizes of it.
Imagine this thickness entering your pussy, stretching your vaginal walls and feeling the strength of the vibration on your boosted walls ❤
You can turn it on and off… Has 1 style vibration with adjustable speed ❤
Works on batteries that we’re gonna include for ya, won’t make you go to the shop for it ❤
Super quiet vibration. Impossible that others hear its voice, moreover – when you stick it inside you, so if you’re in your room with your dad and brother watching TV in a living room – don’t worry about it, enjoy your relax ❤


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Ever had a fetish of your partner leaving his dick inside you after sex and going to sleep like that? – never happened, right? Dickbrator can fulfill that ❤

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