So, what is this for: you’ve got your dick in a calm state, right? like non-erected state. You put that dick in this. Then, you see the ring right? Like a round thing, black one. you put balls inside that and close it with a locker. Then your chick, dude, dog or whoever/whatever arouses you should play with you. Once you start to get aroused, your BDSM starts there.

You see the additional plastic stuff on the image right – those are to regulate the size. We all have different size of balls folks, that’s why. So you gotta regulate that, it’s no problem for this product.

Also, there are some single time use plastic lockers included as well with that bigger Iron locker that you see there.

If you like to toy with your dick, this is your thing.


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This is a dickstity. You know… the Chastity. A budget plastic chastity for those who like to make their dick suffer.

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