Here’s how this chastity is used: you put your non-erect dick inside it,
Then you put the ring behind your balls and attach it to the chastity which you just put your dick into.
Then your chick, dude, dog or whoever/whatever arouses you should play with you. Once you start to get aroused, your BDSM starts there.

Comes with 5 different size rings for men. Use the size that’s convinient for you.
Comes with 4 different size sticks that you attach to the chastity and then you put the locker on it. Honestly the assembly is a little bit of a puzzle.
Keep in mind that it is plastick and do not use too much force on it.

Asides of the steel locker, it comes with one time use plastick lockers.

It is for you if you like to make the dick suffer.


This is a dickstity. You know… the Chastity. A budget plastic chastity for those who like to make their dick suffer.

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