DOHC 2.0 Engine


If you bought your vibrating product but its factory engine does not have strong enough vibration for you, than get this much, much stronger engine and put it inside your item!
This engine is much stronger and durable than other engines and offers you a bigger comfort for your cock ring, ass plug, vibrator or whatever the fuck you want.
Details are the following:
❤ 10 styles of vibration. Not one. Ten. Just press the button if you wanna change the vibration style. Long-press to turn it off.
❤ One ordinary little battery goes inside. Battery is included, won’t make you go to the shop for that.
Useful as a budget bullet vibrator. it is far from the effect of Clitorator, but certainly a good bullet vibrator.
Good, quality engine. Not recalled as DOHC 16V 2.0 for no reason. Here’s the link for ya, check the capability of that engine:


That guy has other videos as well, he’s trying to break that car down but keeps failing until he doesn’t spill the food oil into the engine. Good thing to watch.

იყიდე და დაიჩიჯიბე 240 ორგაზმი.
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DOHC 2.0 Engine is certainly a TOP quality engine in our Sex Shop!

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