Eco Premium Savior


If you have never used our savior products and you just wanna test it for 20-30 uses, here’s a 3ML spray for mimimal price for ya. So what’s a savior for?
Let’s be frank – ALL of us had (or will have) a case when we meet a woman who is super hot. It escalates and gets to the point at which she’s kissing you, touching you and you’re barely holding your orgasm already.
Shit, she’s one hot woman, you’ll remember her till the end of your life! You want it to be super for you and for her, make it last for long, make her shout in her orgasm, but you touch your dick to her aaand……….
……….. And that’s it, you cum.
To prevent that failure, here’s this spray.
How to use: Spray it on the top of your dick and spread it around the head of your dick well. Make sure that you also cover the parts of the dick that are marked with red line in one of the pictures.
Useful as a good budget gift as well.

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Get our Eco Premium Savior and save yourself from throwing your cum out too fast for econom price! Not gonna be enough for very long though. Maybe for about 30 acts it’s gonna be enough.