By presenting Kiku enemas on the market, we want to start a new Era of intimate hygiene!

If you have never washed your sex organs from inside – now’s the time to change it! Kiku enema is attachable to the shower hose and its special design lets you wash your sex organs from within. Can you imagine what’s happening inside you now? – Wash it once, twice, three times and the 4th time will become a habit. Be REALLY Clean! <3

Allthough – Anal is ok. Watch out for vagina though, washing it independently from your doctors is not recommended in terms of your micro flora inside the pussy.

Whole length is 15cm.

Has 3 different heads:

<3 2cm diameter

<3 2.5cm diameter

<3 2.7cm diameter

Watch your vagina yo. Do not fuck up your micro flora there.

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Kiku Enema is a product that brings the Hygiene to a whole new level!