Intimate hygiene is still something new in Georgia.

Brothers and Sisters, this is, not more, not less – a pipe to wash your pussy and ass in the shower!

The only thing that was familiar in our consciousness before was enema, but differently from that – this one doesn’t mean to clean your stomach and doesn’t make you shit waters!

The hell do we need this for? – Maybe you wanna wash it before doing Anal. Imagine – when was the last time you thought about the internal cleanness of your organs? Will you like the look and the smell if you look inside? Get this thing, use it, clean it and be super FEEL CLEAN! <3

Careful with the vagina though – don’t start washing it quite often without the recommendation of a doctor, take care of your micro flora. Ass? – wash it, as many times and as many ways as you want.

The data:

<3 21cm fully in length

Has 3 heads:

<3 2.5cm diameter

<3 2.6cm diameter

<3 2.8cm diameter

Iron has the shape that you see on the picture for special purpose – to be flexible while washing.

You can easily mount it on the hose of the shower, one of the pictures shows you how it is.

Careful with your Vagina yo. Do not fuck op your micro flora.

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Kiku Enteroclysis will care about your inner health!