EVEN MORE Lubricant


Maybe you use A LOOOOOT of Lubricant during sex?
Or maybe maximum at the cheapest possible price attracts you?
Anyways there you go – we have A LOOOOT of lubricant here for the best price! Let’s count:
In the best case you get to buy 50ML lubricant for 19GEL in the shops around (and the lowest qualities, the ones that get dry pretty quick).
If you wanna get 460ML at 19GEL per 50ML, it will cost you 175GEL.
We offer you a quality ass lubricant with 44% off compared to that! + free delivery if you’re around our city.
Let’s say you have sex 365 times a day and you use 1.5ml on each sex (which is not a small amount),
this will last you for 307 days!
Even if you’re not so active in sex and you economize on lubricant – Don’t worry, this one has 3 years of shelf life.

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EVEN MORE LUBRICANT in our sex shop! get it and enjoy the SUPER Price!