European Underwear N3


If you’re a foreigner reading this, than you may not know: Russians keep pushing their propaganda throughout the whole ex-USSR countries that want to become a part of the European family.
According to that propaganda, everyone in Europe is gay, some sort of LGBT+ member and they practice sodomic life. Also, the average European is spending a day dreaming about ripping Georgians off their Georgianhood by making Georgians gay and stealing their religion away.

  • We have travelled to European Union countries and made a shocking discovery that most people still wear trousers and they don’t fuck each other in the streets, but we are sure that they’re wearing this sort of underwear under their trousers! This underwear has quite a few advantages too: first one is an air circulation. Ass won’t get sweaty and smelly because that area is not covered, it takes air easily.
    You can also bend over and do your anti-Georgian thing without even taking off the underwear!
  • Steals Georgianhood right on spot.
    You gift it to someone and as soon as they hold it in their hand – It’s a done deal. consider he’s officially gay and therefor, true European (at least non-Georgian).
    Then he has to confess and it’s a full bureaucratic process to get the Georgianhood back, otherwise the church won’t even pray for his soul when he dies.

Who is more anti-georgian: the Georgians who avoid the conscription service by becoming the priests of a non-existing church funded by local Libetarian party, or the Georgians who wear this underwear?
If you like to debate, go ahead and debate endlessly over this!

This underwear has more advantages.
So, if you’re a true European, how come you wouldn’t have one of these at your wardrobe?

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European Underwear N3 is a real Georgianhood-destructive uniform. You gotta have one if you’re a true European!