Female Pheromone


This is female perfume but not a normal one <3 it’s a pheromone.
Have you ever felt that somebody really attracts you with the smell? Like some weird, attractive smell of a man.
That’s what a pheromone is that the male was producing and that’s how he attracted you.
Pheromone is something that we all produce from time to time and that’s how we influence the opposite sex. Yep – directly, chemically influence them and attract them.
But we produce pheromones in low quantity and only from time to time. So use this one as an ordinary perfume and keep it as a secret that it’s got pheromones in it <3
Whoever is not an animal anyways is not gonna loose his mind, but if you’re next to a male who doesn’t give a rats ass about sex, relationship and is completely neutral, this perfume will help you to make him double-check his thoughts. Try it, may get you quite lucky <3

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Get Female Pheromone in our sex shop and make a direct psychological impact on your victims! Be a lady of the day!