We gotta tell you a cool story about this product. So this is the most wide spread type of mastrubators and is called a flashlight. So the knowledge about the sex toys in general is pretty low in Georgia. Nobody knew what a mastrubator flashlight was until someone posted in a very famous local male-only group that he had very weird feelings while fucking a flashlight, so he opened the flashlight and found a cockroach inside.

Everybody imagined that this guy was fucking a flashlight, like an actual flashlight.

This is the most budget version of the flashlight, the cockroach is not included.

That person wasn’t crazy to be fucking a flashlight, it gives you a great feeling and is totally better than paying like 3 times more to fuck a hooker once. this + lubricant + sex toy cleaner spray is an ideal combo. First you make it wet from inside with a lube, then use a sex toy heater also if you wanna reach maximum pleasure by giving it a human temperature and melt the lube as it is an actual wetness of the pussy. Then stick your dick inside and enjoy the feeling. It feels very much like real and the orgasm is also appropriate.

+ It vibrates for the additional pleasure. It works on 3 batteries that are included and you can change them once they run out of power.

Stop wasting your dear time. Order one and enjoy your ordinary moments.

იყიდე და დაიჩიჯიბე 690 ორგაზმი.

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This is one of the most budget flashlights in our catalog. However it’ll still get you to that orgasm you’re looking for.