Have you often heard “You fool”?
Georgian traslation for a Fool is “Tututsi” and it is an ancient profession. The word describes the kings ball scratcher.
Yep – Tututsi, a Fool was a person scratching kings balls for the living.

You can bet that kings of that time would do a lot for a robot that would scratch the balls and the prostate at the same time!

❤️ It has 12 styles of vibration
❤️ USB Charging
❤️ Controlled by remote controller

The old profession has never died, it was just replaced by this mini robot! You just pay once and you don’t need to feed it, it doesn’t catch viruses, doesn’t die… Scratches your balls and your ass so that all kings would be jealous.

Long story short, get your personal Fool vibrator and enjoy your life more than the kings used to!

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This probably makes much more sense in Georgian but there was a profession which in Georgian is called “Tututsi” and translates to a Fool in English. in Georgia, Fool was actually a title of a job. Fool was a person who would scratch the balls of the king for the living. For real. This profession hasn’t gone anywhere, it is performed by this vibrator for now!